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for Case-IH
Farris Manufacturing

  • Case-IH Chaff Spreaders $425.00 + Tax & Shipping
  • 1-28 1/2' Fixed Slope Trailer $20,000.00 + FET
  • 3-Convertible Trailer $21,000.00 + FET
  • 42' Hopper Trailer $25,000.00 + FET
  • 45' V-Bottom Trailer $41,000.00 + FET
  • 22' Grain Boxes $7,500.00 + FET
  • Utility Boxes $5,500.00
  • '85 Corvette (Silver) $10,500.00
  • '95 Dodge 4x4 $15,000.00
  • '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo $15,000.00
  • Harsh Hoist J-100 $2,750.00

Contact us for your Trailer/Truck needs:
Tel: 785-899-6234
Fax: 785-899-2228
Farris Manufacturing
908 E. HWY 24
Goodland, Kansas 67735

Farris Manufacturing has been building high-quality trailers and truck boxes since 1976. Careful construction and creative, patented designs are used to create a useful and durable product built to fit the customer's needs. Standard models can be customized according to your exact specifications while adhering to all applicable regulations. A professional staff is leveraged to produce high output while maintaining the utmost in quality standards. High-quality components are used throughout the construction process.

Farris Manufacturing is also a factory authorized distributor of HarshTM truck box hoists. This allows them to provide customers with a complete truck package to fit almost any application. We appreciate your interest in our products and look forward to providing a cost effective solution for your application. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.

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